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Kitchens are often described as gathering places, the heart of a home.  We like to think of The Speckled Trout in a similar sense.  Located in downtown Blowing Rock- on the corner of Main Street and 221-  is the newly renovated and reinvented restaurant and bottle shop. We explore the roots of Appalachian food and beverage culture, and recreate it in our kitchen by preserving and reviving ingredients of our local heritage.  Menus are more than a list of ingredients; they show how people live and what they value.  And as the seasons change, so does our menu.

To accompany the celebration of our regional dishes,  our new beverage program focuses on terroir driven libations. The term terroir evokes a sense of place, and in our shop this is evident in everything we do. The bottle shop emphasizes traditions of fermentation practices by offering some of the best “home-grown” beers and ciders around. In addition, our wines highlight small producers from old world to new.

In the 1950s, The Speckled Trout was a place to stop and fill up your car with fuel.  You can now fill up on fresh mountain trout, soup beans and hoecakes, and wash it down with local farm beer or fresh Rose. Join us at The Speckled Trout for a taste of heritage and hospitality so often felt in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

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(828) 295-9819



922 Main Street
Blowing Rock, NC




11am- 11pm

Kitchen closed daily


Before potable drinking water was readily available, life was sustained from fermented grains and grapes.  We’re here to keep that tradition alive. Our standard is promoting beer and wine producers who take a thoughtful approach to both practice and ingredients.  Fresh IPA’s, clean Lagers, complex Wild Ales, balanced Sours, seasonal Rose’s, high-acid Reds, crisp Whites, and grower Bubbly’s are all a part of our highly-curated program.  Our selection will constantly be rotating based on seasonality and scarcity, but always staying true to our intention. Whether it’s a growler of wine and beer, a can of Pinot Noir, a mix six-pack, or that IPA that was packaged yesterday, we’re sure to have something to keep your palate watering even when you’re not dining with us.




922 Main Street
Blowing Rock, NC 28605

HOURS: Sun-Wed, 11am-10pm  •  Thurs-Sat, 11am- 11pm  •  Kitchen closed daily, 3pm-5pm

(828) 295-9819   •   info@thespeckledtrout.com